Multiroom Audio For New Construction

When a home is under construction it's the perfect time to consider installing a Russound multiroom audio system. You can choose what rooms you want music in and what kind of speakers you want. Put the keypads and touchscreens in the spots that will work best for your lifestyle. And before the walls are installed, all wiring, cabling and brackets can be put in place to ensure a clean look when the house is finished.

The majority of Russound's multiroom controller systems can be prewired, with keypad and speakers as well. We offer systems that accommodate virtually any size home and any size budget, from our versatile and feature rich RNET systems to our affordable A-BUS amplified keypad systems.

Considering a system for your home?

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Russound C-Series Multiroom System

C-Series Systems

Solid performer, powers six or eight rooms and six or eight sources. Attractive controls feature multiline displays or color touchscreens.


Russound CA4 Multiroom System

CA4 System

The CA4 Multizone Controller Kit offers a scalable four-zone, four-source multiroom system at an entry-level price. Perfect for pre-wiring new construction homes as system can be tested before final installation.


Russound CAA66 Multiroom System

CAA66 System

This six-zone, six-source controller combines value and performance in a great looking package. Great for systems with legacy equipment as it supports hundreds of IR source device types with a numeric source control option.


Russound A-BUS Amplified Keypad System

A-BUS Amplified Keypad Systems

These hub and keypad systems offer a flexible, compact and simple solution for multiroom audio. Perfect when only one or four sources and rooms need music.





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